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TeleHEAL has been using telehealth technology to support our clients struggling with addiction and trauma. Our team of clinicians have over 50 years of experience working in the mental health field, and many are trained under the pioneers of trauma-focused addiction treatment.

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A Few Common Questions We Hear…

TeleHEAL is a telehealth addiction and mental health treatment program that was created to connect everyone to care that needed it. Adults aged 18 – 99, currently struggling with addiction or in early recovery can participate in TeleHEAL programming. TeleHEAL is versatile and completely online – making it the ideal option for those with jobs, prior commitments, or family responsibilities that would make it difficult to attend treatment in person.

To find out if you are eligible for TeleHEAL, give us a confidential call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experience all the benefits of face-to-face addiction treatment from the comfort of your home. Depending on your level of care, group counseling will allow you to connect with peers that are in similar stages of their recovery as well as a licensed therapist as the group leader. Groups will cover different addiction and recovery-related topics and incorporate clinical assignments to be completed each week.

Similar to in-person treatment, TeleHEAL will include a one-on-one Telehealth therapy session with a licensed therapist every week. This is the time to express your personal concerns and fears to find new coping mechanisms and a new awareness.

Life can get busy sometimes! We offer programming 6 days a week to accommodate any schedule. A typical TeleHEAL week will include 3 group counseling sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), with 1 one-on-one therapy session scheduled based on your availability.

Our goal is to work with you and your healing needs. Call us to customize a schedule to fit your individual needs today!

Telemed visits are available with our network of Psychiatrists, doctors, and health care professionals for an additional cost. Medications will have to be covered by the patient or prescription insurance.

If you’re looking to have your patient records from another facility transferred to your TeleHEAL primary therapist, we will have you sign a “Release of Information” consent form, so we can receive all documentation from prior care providers.

Any device eligible to run the Zoom application can connect to TeleHEAL. This includes phones, laptops and iPads.

Deep in the throes of addiction, your loved one may not always be willing to get help or participate in their recovery at first. You’re not alone. We have a team of experienced Interventionists ready to help by conducting a phone intervention with your loved one and close family and friends.

Our high success rates allow for even the toughest cases to get the help they so deserve! Phone interventions may be scheduled at no extra cost. To find out if you qualify, give us a call today.

Virtual treatment is actually the perfect counterpart to your job or other daily responsibilities. With group and one-on-one sessions available in the evening hours, after work, you can get the help you need, on your schedule, without losing out on your life. Looking for just individual therapy? Call our concierge admissions team to set up a customized treatment schedule that works for you!
Individuals average 3-6 months on our TeleHEAL progam. The length of the program can be completely dependent on your individual assessment and needs. The TeleHEAL online community is a support group and resource that you can be involved with life-long. We are committed to your long-term sobriety.